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Sat Jul 25 04:30:34 CDT 2009


In simplistic terms understand the mechanics of 'how' life happens. 'gita' 8/6 says - 'as one thinks so his life'(yam yam vApi.. tadbhAvabhAvitaH). Knowing thus one takes responsibility of one's own life with 'his' help who is residing within as 'Ishvara' (BG 18/61-IshvaraH sarvabhUtAnAm...yantrArUDhAni mAyayA). Effectively one's 'thoughts' are put to 'action' or 'manifested by 'him' sitting within. Once one gets a feel of this he can slowly move towards knowing 'him' to be none other than 'yourSELF'. It's a process one must begin. Sooner the better. Adi SankarAcArya is a safe bet.



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