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Firstly your statement that our scriptures are from the Kali yuga only is not acceptable to me. You seem to be following the chronology suggested by the western scholars. Just go through the account of Megasthenes, who in 4th century BCE gathered information and from that he said that 138 generations passed from  Lord Krishna to his time. Yet Max Muller assigned 12th century BCE for the Rig Veda on the basis of his proposed Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT). He did retract his statements later on but the contemporary and subsequent historians never accepted his retraction.. 

Secondly you wondered as to how could the seemingly real life incidences such as of Satyakama have entered the  apaurusheya veda-s and vedanta-s but you never wondered whether your understanding of the  the word "Apaurusheya" is adequate or not. The truths revealed in or the messages conveyed by the Shruti texts are eternal truths These truths are unbiased and impartial in nature and are not influenced by human prejudice and that is why these texts with such conetents are called the Apaurusheya texts.


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Further even in the ancient times some discretions were also permitted as 
otherwise how could Sayakama, being a low-born have learnt the Vedas.

Hare Krishna

With this can we say satyakAma-jAbali episode has been written in 
upanishad in this kaliyuga after the real occurrence of the same?? 
Likewise, can we assume bruhadAraNyaka has been written after the personal 
dialogue between yAgnAvalkya & maitreyi??  Just curious to know how can 
these seeming real life incidences have taken entry in apaurusheya veda-s 
& vedanta-s.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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