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Mon Jul 20 03:45:58 CDT 2009

Dear Michael,


>Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power of Now' is of the very essence of Advaita as non-duality, and can be relied on.


Eckhart Tolle's writings about "now" may have been taken from J.Krishnamurthy (JK). JK taught some look-alike non-duality but if you look carefully it is really a dualism wherein he rejects a set of words like past & future and loves another set of words like present. 


(By dualism as I mean a theory where two sets of opposite and conflicting ideas exist and one should choose the correct one. Duality is the English translation for dvaita consisting of universal and individual atmas.) 


All traditional all Hindu teachers say that the highest reality is beyond all three forms of time and all types of dualism. 


Dear Stephen, 


Whoever is teaching meditation on English alphabet will go through his/her karma. Hindus, especially advaita followers do not reject this meditation because there is nothing that is not Brahman. However as some one who is paying for this meditation you should try to find out if it is a lemon. A Hindu practitioner always asks stays curious and tries to find why it works. If something worked for you I would advise you to use it until it works, but stay alert just in case it ends up a lemon. As per advaita every technique, even a mantra taught by guru, ends up as such. 













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