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>>"Gayantan trayate it Gayatri", ie. it is called Gayatri >>as it protects the one who recites it. One can pray >>to Mother Sri Lakshmi or Sri Ganeshji by reciting the >>respective Gayatris and the deities will protect.

>One can recite any mantra and the deities will >protect.  There is nothing particularly special about a >mantra being in Gayatri form.

One correction: Gayatri does not mean protecting one who sings it. As Jaldharji said any deity protects after being praised.


Also protection is a very generic word which can mean anything. If you go home or get a shelter elsewhere you are protected from rain and sun. A person who posts a message asking a question is protecting oneself and others by making sure an important issue is brought to light. The person answering it is also protecting others who are not aware of the answer, and also protecting oneself from the guilt of not answering it knowingly. In fact any action you do is related to protecting something somewhere. 


Gayatri means a deity who sings and protects by such act of singing. Ch.U. 3.13.1-9 describes the inner meaning of Gayatri in its simplest form which is closer to advaita, and this is well deciphered now. 


The form of Gayatri as a metre consisting of 24 syllables is a more advanced technology whose meaning is lost to us. Hopefully we will find out in future. 


By deduction, Savitri is one who protects by pressing or contracting (to deliver). Savitr being a prasavitr of devas, it may be pointing to the process of delivery, but a more generalized process that happens at adhyatmic and cosmic levels.   




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