[Advaita-l] Gayatri?

Sunil Bhattacharjya sunil_bhattacharjya at yahoo.com
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"Gayantan trayate it Gayatri", ie. it is called Gayatri as it protects the one who recites it. One can pray to Mother Sri Lakshmi or Sri Ganeshji by reciting the respective Gayatris and the deities will protect. The Vedic Gayatri of three padas,which is recited commonly and also by the Aryasamajis is the Veidc Gayatri and it is the essence of the Vedas. It is effective and the Arya samaja booklet explains its meaning. There is a fourth pada used for certain purposes and that is more for the Sanyashis. There is also an esoteric Gayatri called "Srividya-pancadasaakshari", which is only for those initiated to Srividya.
Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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I was browsing and have come across 'Ganesh Gayatri, Laksmi Gayatri etc....very puzzling for me.....
Born in an Arya Samaj family all I knew of was normal Gayatri and as a devotee of ramakrishna/vivekananda never heard of any other gayatri....
could some one please enlighten me if these are true gayatri mantras?????

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