[Advaita-l] Books on advaita (any recommendations)?

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Brian Hodgkinson has written an unique book from the Western point of view
on Advaita Vedanta -- even though it's just called 'Vedanta' it's entirely
from Shankara's viewpoint. Brian taught Western philosophy for some years at
a British university; so he can relate the concepts of Advaita Vedanta to
what in the West approaches these. He has also done a scrupulous verse
translation of the Bhagavad Gita from the Sanskrita, so he's clued up..

Sorry, it's not online.. but it's cheap through Amazon.. It doesn't overdo
the quotations; but those that are used are his own translations with the
help of his son..

With a smile,

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Dear Friends,

I am wondering if there are books available that deal with both theory and
practice (such as meditation etc.) of advaita. The reason I am asking is,
most of the time the books seem to be full of neo-Vedanta stuff as opposed
to advaita as taught by Sankara. It's frustrating. It'd help if someone
could point to something more authentic (preferably ones which we can read

Hope to hear your thoughts on this.


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