[Advaita-l] How to control the mind (without meditation)?

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Hari Om Shri Bharadwajji,  Pranaams!

pratibodha-viditaM matam . (Kena II.4)

na anyad dvAram antarAtmanaH vijnAnAya. ataH pratyaya-pratyagAtmatayA 
viditaM brahma yadA, tadA tat mataM tat samyag-darshanam iti arthaH.

There is no other door to Its awareness. Therefore when Brahman is known as 
the innermost Self (i.e. witness) of cognitions, then is It matam, known, 
that is to say, then there is Its complete realization. (shankara-bhAshya 
and translation by Sw. GambhIrAnandaji).

In Shri Guru Smriti,
Br. Pranipata Chaitanya

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> Sri Balagopal Ramakrishnan,
> Very well said, Sir. Being 'attentive' to the Self is, indeed, the key,
> unmistakably and that is undoubtedly 'what' needs to be done. The 'how' is
> the question to be discussed. 

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