[Advaita-l] How to control the mind (without meditation)?

Dr D Bharadwaj drdbharadwaj at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 10:10:23 CST 2009

Sri Suresh,

If you keep meditation out as a personal choice, there are a few things that
can still help.

Breath watching is excellent for calming down the mind, at least ,for the a
period of time, temporarily. Sustained practice gives long standing results.
This is for sure. Simple, uncomplicated prANAyAm also helps. Of course, if
you can find a good person to train you, there are spicific prANAyAm
procedures that can help.

Yashtimadhu chooran taken daily with small and unequal quantities of honey
and ghee for sone time also calms a mind runnig riot. Regular Abhynaga with
Dhanvantara Tail also helps.

Taking foods rich in lecithin, zinc and Vit. B Complex also contributes.

sarvE bhavanthu sukhinah
sarvE santhu niraamayaah
sarve bhadrANi pasyanthu
maa kaschit duhkhabhAg bhavEt.

Dr. D. Bharadwaj
drdbharadwaj at gmail.com

On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 9:21 PM, Suresh <mayavaadi at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> Mind control seems important. But is it possible to do this without
> meditation? Because, first off, meditation isn't easy. Second, we need to be
> in control at all times, not just during meditation. I normally try to view
> everything as an illusion during the waking state, that's all I can do.
> Meditating on Brahman is out of question, since Brahman cannot be imagined
> or thought of in any form.
> What else can one do to control our thoughts, and not be swept away by this
> current? It gets so hard sometimes, I am not exaggerating at all. All kinds
> of thoughts come to one's mind, and it's especially hard when they're
> emotions like hatred, violence etc. It's like you're a plaything in their
> hands.
> Is there some method in advaita (not necessarily meditation, it could be
> anything) that can help us conquer all this? I am not exactly the devotional
> type either, so praying and bhakti are totally alien to me.
> Warmly,
> Suresh
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