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Michael - PraNAms

In simple terms - BMI is body, mind and intellect - Body is gross matter (anna kosham) and mind and intellect together are subtle (manomaya and vijnaanamaya koshas). They can be referred general tern as just mind - which in principle has four subparts - the emotional mind (manas) and discriminative mind (intellect or buddhi), ego (ahankaara - a notional ownership) and memory (chitta). 

Most of the definitions you can find in Tatva bhoda text by Shankara. That is the classical introductory text in Advaita Vedanta. 

In Panchadasi - 8th chapter Vidyaranya discusses epistemological aspects. Some of these are being covered in the Knowledge series. The chapter and the whole text have to be studied under guidance since it is somewhat technical. I used the term pool of intellect for intellect in analogy of reflection of the consciousness. Since it is part of subtle body any grossification as pool etc are only for communication, similar to any definition of mind, by psychologists or philosophers.

Hari Om!

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I'm unfamiliar with the terms BMI. I have always taken antahkarana as
ahamkara, chitta, buddhi, manas. So my question was, what in the Panchadashi
and in your own mind, does 'intellect' and the 'pool of intellect' cover in
Sanskrit ?

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