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One further question about Panchadashi 8 and chid-aabhaasa please, since I
don't have the Sanskrit or a transliteration :

In such phrases as 'the intellect is inert' is 'buddhi' the word translated
intellect/intelligence ?

English blurs the distinction in translation between manas, buddhi and
chitta, with words like 'mind' or 'intellect', and it's rather vital to
understanding this operation of 'reflection'.


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--- On Wed, 2/25/09, Bhadraiah Mallampalli <vaidix at hotmail.com> wrote:

>The realization is shifting my identity with anaatma to >my true nature -
that is done by with the intellect only >- hence scripture says mind alone
is responsible for both >ignornace and knowledge.

Could please give a quote, just the wording.

Bhadraiahji - PraNAms

You may find this in the AmRitabindu Upanishad.

Hari Om!
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