[Advaita-l] Dreams and Reality

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Greetings to all

I find these answers very interesting and illuminating about this little
discussed subject -- questions are often more interesting than answers !
It suggests that dreams confront us, in that mysterious state, with
untruth -- as if we construct cheap novels of our life, which are recognised
to be untrue on waking -- as indeed, as one gets older, one's life seems
more and more a dream which only slightly approximates to reality !

But I suspect that there is more profound truth about the dreaming state --
at all levels of being.

Curiously, the first 60-120 minutes of sleep erase all thought of the
previous day's events and thoughts. Yet dreams come as sleep moves towards
the waking state. That suggests that dreams are more about being present and
confronting the imagined 'future', than the past...

More from the learned on this, please !


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Hari Om Shri Sureshji,  Pranaams!

I presume your question is, when you have a knowledge how can an experience
contrary to that knowledge happen and believed.

Vedanta puts the same question with respect to waking state also.

When you have clear knowledge that it is your body that is thin, short, your
organs that are weak or strong, your mind that is dejected or elated, how
come you are able to experience I am thin, I am short, I am strong, I am
weak, I am happy, I am miserable, etc. When you have clear knowledge that
your last experience with object did not give you satisfactory/lasting
happiness, how come again and again you long for the same object and expect
satisfactory/lasting happiness from it.

The problem is not in the state(avastha) but the mind choosing to believe
contrary to past experiences.

Hence advise to the mind - artham anartham bhAvaya; doSha drSThyA muhuH
muhuH ....

In Shri Guru Smriti,
Br. Pranipata Chaitanya

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