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Dear Shri Bhadriahji,

Patanjali did say about the pranayama but did not elaborate it much. Lord Krishna elaborated it in Uttara Gita. Hatha Yoga Pradipika, GherandaSamhita  and Shiva Samhita do tell us about the pranayama in somewhat greater detail. Goarakhnath also treated the subject. For a student it is better to follow any of these classic texts or take the help of an experienced guru. 


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Dear Shri Bhattacharjya,
1. Thanks for that method from Shri Aurobindo. It is directly based on not-
his, not-this, and it is one of the meditations I would categorize as
2. The method I suggested is a roundabout one, which first reinforces your
existing thoughts and proirities, but conditions you on your way and points
you to advaita. This one among the meditations I would categorize as
These are meant for people with some stamina, when you get a tough task
and you want to double or triple your stamina you need them. But they
don't help you in getting the stamina. 
Every creature is born with some software loaded (devas). As people grow
they enrich some of these devas or deprive them of power through various
kinds of abuse. Aging should help strengthen the devas but lack of proper
care or discipline can result in devas wearing down. As such it is a zero
sum game, when the higher devas lose their agility, agni's work load goes
up, so people end up with hyper tension etc. It is all agni's overloading. 
To get stamina, for any age, Vishnu and Rudra are the best. 
3. Inhale and expand chest, then relax (pooraka). Repeat this process a
few times a day. If you are exhausted relax and listen to the body. When
you feel tingling sensation in feet, or unbearable but pleasant sensation of
piercing needles in feet (for people with lots of experience), you know it is
working. This is based on devas Varuna and Vishnu. Varuna preserves what
is best offered in yajna, and Vishnu preserves what is ill offered (ar. br). 
4. Another meditation is, exhale as much as you can (rechaka). Try not to
inhale. But if you have to inhale, then inhale with pleasure as a prasadam
received. This is based on Mitra and Rudra. Exhalation is associated with
Mitra, and we are not authorized to talk about Rudra. 
3 & 4 are actually equivalent in the end result; you will figure out sooner
later. They both build up stamina over 3-4 years. Fourth one is more
powerful than the 3rd in that it gives immediate results. 3 & 4 are also
savers and cure various illnesses and their symptoms. 
There are hundreds of techniques out there, so keep a practice of reading
the books, any books, from tradition. You will figure out over the years. 
A word of caution: those who are planning to do any adharma should
avoid these meditations :-) The sensations in the mind/body often travel at
speed of light. 
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