[Advaita-l] concentration/vedic chanting

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 5 12:19:25 CST 2009

>a more traditional approach as suggested by Shri Sadananda is most 
>suitable, tested and safe.
That is correct. The subjects must be learnt properly as per tradition.
When access to tradition is limited, we resort to adhoc approaches. 
However following tradition seems very burdening for people in modern
times. So people end up discontinuing after an initial start. I
suggest practice of what is usually taught as 'warm up' excercises in Hatha
yoga which is quite sufficient, and many lives can be improved or even
saved. These are some of the standing postures like tadasana, turning
head, back bending, forward bending etc done with breathing, learnt
correctly from guru or pick up a book by Vivekananda institute.
One request: Please encourage learning Vedic chanting by skype
from India, thereby providing livelihood to vedic scholars and also create
an incentive to future growth of vedic students. At gurudakshina of $5-10
per hour we can revive vedic learning in India and it will be enriching for
sadhakas in US as well. If 10 students even those spread out in different
places around the world can group together and contact a vedic scholar,
the cost of desktop for Vedic scholar can be paid off in first month
payments. After two years of skyping, a vedic scholar in India will have 
enough money to set up one's own school locally. 
I do not see a reason why a subject so dear to us all should be
allowed to starve of funds, when we enjoy the fruits of living abroad after
rejecting the tradition. I am seriously looking to join such effort. There are
a few generous teachers who are willing to teach for free in US, but long
drives and the continuing neo-colonial slavery frustates me. 
Carnatic music via skype from India is picking up momentum (though it
might reduce rates here in US. For vedic chanting there should be no such harm. 
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