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Please accept this method too with humility this is being shared.
As students young adults adept at taking notes in univ/school
1) understandbly long hours are spent in attending lectures and also studying later,retaining and so on.
but "shariram" needs adequate rest to continue day after day
so getting up early will surely pose slight protest from mind
at that time "note " how many days one is able to master that mind by getting up. Not a parent coming to wake!! 
This is the first step.

2} At that point having got up first thought may come okay now while meditating if thoughts of the day's work at univ/school may crop up 
initailly let it come 
watch those thoughts. The mind indeed will assist with "practice" and so thoughts can come and go that is the nature of thoughts to "flow" but one behind the thoughts shine as memory.

This is where the practice daily ,willingly and enthusiatically to sit and meditate . Sleep too may come at that point acknowledge but pray and that takes away even "nidra" which seems to come after having taken a shower.

"all is indeed grace that flows and that mind is able to just "be" and 
as SRIKRIHSNA guides in the divine verses
I am "memory ,intelligence" is indeed what helps one fufill a students duty as well.

Basically honestly admitting what is that comes inbetween as stray thought and being vigilant.Ask yourself is it long term academic memory maybe yes if teh initial academic goal and that is what it should be but mind will show that it is indeed a spiritual journey that it undertakes even while performing academic studies.

As awareness of what the goal is will show that "recall" and "memory" is indeed none other than ishwara.

simple methods as taught by mahatamas.
sukanya shankar
srigurubhoy namaha 

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> Namaste,
> With due respects to other methods of meditation/
> concentration advocated by
> Shri Bhadraiah, and Shri Bhattacharjya, for a person in
> school/ college a more
> traditional approach as suggested by Shri Sadananda is most
> suitable, tested
> and safe.
> (A person more mature in age, can explore other methods
> along with the risks
> involved).
> Best regards,
> Shrinivas
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Naga Bhushan - PraNAms
> The best way to develop concentration and meditation on any
> subject is to disciple the mind by conscious effort. If you
> follow these steps both your memory and your study will
> improve.
> First get up early- After bath sit in a quiet place and do
> your prayers and do half hour of meditation on Gayatri
> mantra. - learn with the meaning and dwell on the meaning,
> feeling intensely in your mind as you repeat the mantra.
> Daily without any exception. This gives both physical and
> metal discipline needed to concentrate the mind on any task
> that it is involved. 
> It will also makes your mind subtle and free from
> agitations so that it can easily absorb new knowledge. 
> Essentially the capacity of your intellect will improve. It
> will also help you in your spiritual development. 
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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