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Dear Bhadraiah,

It's one of the 16 padartha of the Nyaya school; as uha or anadhyavasaya it
could be considered as Advaita Vedanta I guess; and it is catalogued in the
standard texts, I believe, as of five types, due to whether it arises from
perception of common properties (is it living, like myself ?etc); cognition
of an unique or particular property; conflicting testimony; irregularity of
perception; or irregularity of nonperception.
In the Ency. of Hinduism it was applied to meeting the snake/rope/wood.

It's also defined as neither true nor false (I've forgotten the Sanskrit
word for this -- it's applied also to maya..close to avidya and nirmana
shakti ?)

That's the best I can do..


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Dear Michael,

I am curious about the original text re: saMsaya. Please give me the 5 part
definition or point to the source.


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