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Dear Sadananda --

Point taken ! But questions take us on usefully to that point where words
'turn back',  can go no further !


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Perhaps the simplest point is that science (generally) investigates How ?
and Vedanta investigates Why ? Though of course, one set of anwers leads to
the other..

Michael - PraNAms

Not sure if the above statement is correct either. Vedanta points to us-
from  vyavahaarika to paramaarthika - from relative to absolute- the process
of how and why have to be transcended along with cause-effect relations in
'going' from one to the other, since it is not a process that can be
definable in terms of why or how, since descriptions falls short - yatho
vaacho nivartante apraapya manasaa saha - the words and the mind cannot
reach there.
The transition is discontinuous; hence Shankara aptly calls that
anirvacaniiyam, inexplicable - yet absolutely real.

Hari Om!
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