[Advaita-l] ThamasOmaa Jyothirgamaya!

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Noble conclusion but wrong logic. If we are capable of operating at paaramaatika level, there is no need for this list, for posts etc. 

We need to indeed investigate events in space and time. We cannot and should not invoke maaya so flippantly. 

All saampraadaayavids know that there is no greater sin than yati dooshana and if one is incapable of not respecting one's own sampradaaya without denouncing others, at what stage of sadhana is that sadhaka?

As I said, wrong reasoning but the conclusion that disrespect not be shown to peethams is very right for the far simpler reason of basic civility.


Disclaimer: Members of my family are not followers of either Sringeri peeTham or Kanchi peeTham. 

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Time and Space are the most horrible maaya that is held aloft only by one's
ego.  This is samsaara.  If time is an illusion why investigate it?
Discussing and fighting on vyavahaarika level obviates the purpose of this

This nuisance of siding with one Guru (most likely without his knowledge)
and his peetam to taunt another is a terrible deviation.  If you are
convinced that it is maayaa kalpitha desa-kaalam then you will, like me,
feel very sad that this discussion goes on interminably despite the plea of
the moderators.  My humble wish is that it is given up promptly.

With folded hands,
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