[Advaita-l] Conference on that Date of Adi Sankaracharya in October, 2002

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At the same time I would remind readers that we follow these acharyas for
their knowledge of dharma and moksha not for their historical opinions. It is not an offense if we disagree with one or more of them on the historical details and by trying to understand the historical sequence of our cultures development we are not impeding our progress in dharma and moksha in any way.  (The corollary of this is don't obsess about historical questions either.  It won't make you a better Advaitin.)

Sensible.  But one point here is that, well historical detail may not be that signficant, it is nevertheless a point.  That the Sringeri tradition is certainly very old and an authentic lineage of Bhagavan Bhashyakara - this historical fact induces one (at an sub-conscious mind level) to consider the Sringeri Jagadguru to be the final authority - both in the matter of Dharma and Darshana.  In fact the honour of the title "Jagadguru" is in a way tied up to this historic aspect of being the authentic lineage as well.   Otherwise Jaldhar, we have had very many scholars across India - like Mahamahopadhyaya Sri Shivakumara Shastri of Varanasi who have been revered akin to an Amnaya Matha Shankaracharya, sans his standing as a Grihasta.

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