[Advaita-l] Peforming Pournami Tithi Pooja for my father.

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Wed Dec 30 21:53:16 CST 2009

We are Hindus from South India. My father died during pournami Tithi. So 
for the past six months when ever pournami tithi comes I pray keeping my 
father's photo after which, keep part of the food placed before him to 
crows and only after that we will have lunch. Unfortunately, My father's 
brother passed away 2 days back.Today the 3rd day fun My doubt is can I 
continue doing the pooja on Pournami Tithi or not? I would like to mention 
that we stay in a separate house and my father's brother stayed in a 
separate house for more than 45 years and continue to do so. 

Hare Krishna

If your deceased uncle is own brother of your father, then you will have 
to observe sagOtra mrutAshoucha (sUtaka) for ten days.  On the tenth day 
after giving dharmOdaka to your uncle, you have to do the puNyAha at your 
home and continue to do your nitya devatArchana etc. after changing the 
yajnOpaveeta.   It seems you are following pourNami tithi pooja without 
doing shAstrOkta shOdasha shrAddha ( 16 vaidhika shrAddha that needs to be 
observed during the first year of father's death till vArshika) and I 
assume that what you are observing on this tithi is not strictly as per 
panchAnga tithi nirNaya for your father's shrAddha.  If it is true, then 
as a sentimental observation you can continue your practice on this tithi. 
 Kindly also note that even saNdhyAvanda also to be done as a nitya vidhi 
till the stage of 'arghya pradhAna' without doing gAyatri japAdi digdevata 
namaskAra during this ten days sUtaka period.  This is what I too 
observing now since my uncle (my late father's own younger brother)  too 
died on vaikunta ekAdashi day.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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