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Sivaanandalahari -60रोधस्तोयह्त: श्रमेन पथिकस्छायाम्, तरोर्वृष्टितो
भीत: स्वस्थगृहम् गृहथमतिथिर्दीन: प्रभुम् धार्मिकम्
दीपम् सन्तमसाकुलश्च शिखिनम् शीतावृतस्त्वम् तथा
चेत: सर्वभयापहम् व्रज सुखम् शम्भो: पदाम्भोरुहम् ॥ ६० ॥

rodhastoyahRta: Sramena pathikasCAyAm, tarorvRuShTito
bhIta: svasthagRuham gRuhathamatithirdIna: prabhum dhArmikam
dIpam santamasaakulaScha shikhinam SItAvRutastvam tathA
ceta: sarvabhayApaham vraja sukham Sambho: padAmbhoruham || 60 ||

Just like the man dragged by flood longs for the bank,
Just like the tired traveler longs for the tree shade,
Just like the one who is afraid of rain longs for a pleasant home,
Just like the traveling guest longs for the sight of hospitable householder,

Just like the poor longs for the charitable rich,
Just like the one terrified by darkness longs for the light,
And just like one suffering from biting cold longs for the open fire,
Oh my mind, you long for the lotus feet of Shambhu.
Which removes all fears and phobias and gives pleasure.


**hE chEtha:* = Hey! Mind!
*thOyahrutha:* = a man pulled by the swift current;
*rOdha:* = the bank of the river;
*pathika:* = vazhippOkkan; traveller;
*sramENa* = by tiredness;
*tharO:* = of a tree;
*schaayaam* = shade;
*vrushtitha:* = rain;
*bheetha:* = afraid of;
*swasthagruham* = own house;
*athithi:* = the guest;
*gruhastham* = samsaari; householder;
*dheena:* = the poor man;
*prabhum* = rich giver;
*santhamasaa* = by the darkness;
*aakula* = troubled;
*dheepam* = light;
*seethaavrutha:* = who is suffering from cold;
*chikinam cha* = fire;
*yathaa *= that way he surrenders;
*thatthaa* = that way;
*thwam* = you;
*sarvanhayaapaham* = removing all fears;
*sukham* = that is of nithya sukhaswaroopam;
*sambO:* = Sambu the cause of that Sukham;
*padhaambhOruham* = lotus like feet;
*vraja* = reach.

தனக்குவமை இல்லாதான் தாள் சேர்ந்தார்க்கல்லால்
மனக்கவலை மாற்றல் அரிது.

O! Mind!

A man being drawn away by the swift currents of a surging river finds the
bank and gets over his fear of drowing. A man walking on a hot dessert for a
very long time finds an oasis and shade of a tree to escape from thirst and
scorching sun. A hungry man finds a dhaarmic grihasthaa who follows:

sandhyaa snaanam japO hOmO dEvathaanaam cha poojanam |
aadhithyam vaichvadhEvam cha shatkarmaaNi dhinE dhinE ||

and gets a great meal to satisfy his hungy stomach. A man of poverty
reaching a prabhu who is the 'dheenaan dhaanEna Raaghava: |' and gets over
his wants.  A man lost in terrible darkness finds light to overcome his
fears. A man shivering in cold weather finds heat to get over his fear of
being fronzen.  Therefore O! Mind! You should find the feet of Shiva and
surrender there to get over the endless death you suffer in samsaara.  Do
not indulge in the kutharkam such as "Haribrahmaathi devathaas are there and
I can reach them to remove my fear.  What logic is there that I can overcome
fear only at the feet of ParamEswara."  You do not know what these holy feet
of mahaakailaasaadhipathi Sambhu can do.  O! Mind! Let me tell the paadha
mahimaa of Sambhu.  Listen to me patiently.

O! Mind!  Agni has the only sakthi to generate heat.  It does not have the
sakthi to give the coolness of the moon.  Likewise the Brahmaathi devathaas
have the ability only remove your fear.  However they will test you in so
many ways to see if you have deep bhakthi for them. On the other hand
Sambhu's feet not only removes your troubles but also gives paramasukham.
That is, O! Mind! chathrubhayam, maraNabhayam, bhavabhayam and so many other
bhayams are removed by Sambhu's feet.  Not only that, these holy feet create
in you the puNyas needed for mOkshasukham and they can immerse you in the
endless ocean of Aanandha! Thus Sambhu's feet hold the two sakthis called
sarvasankata nivardhanam and sarvasukha pravardhanam.

O! Mind! When MaarkandEya who was afflicted by the fear of death hugged the
Sivallingam and cried "Hey! ChandrasEkhara!Hey! ChandrasEkhara! Save me!
Save me!", ParamEswara not only released him from mruthyubhayam but made the
saasthra "jaathasthu hi dhruvO mruthyu: druvam janma mruthasya cha |"
ineffective.  This sasthra says that everyone who is born should die but in
the case of MarkandEya, Siva made him Chiranjeevi!  Is not this mrithyunjaya
leela alone is enough to prove his two sakthis - sarvasankata nivardhanam
and sarvasukha pravardhanam?  Therefore O! Mind! atleast hereafter reach
Sambhu's paadhaabjam and get your janma saabalyam.  Bhagavathpaadhaal
describes only this mahimaa of Sambhu's paadhaabjam in this sloka as:
'sarvabhayaapaham vraja sukham SambhO: padhaambhOruham'.  The saaraamsam of
this sloka is that Sambhu's paadhakamalam rings bukthi and mukthi.

SambO Siva SambO!

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