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Sivaanandalahari - 59 (2)Hey! GowripathE! Just as the Hamsa pakshi likes to
live in the padmavanam to be in the midst of the lotus flowers,  just as the
chaathaka pakshi that has the mouth on its head thus being unable to eat on
its own and is waiting for the nectar like rain drops to come from the sky
and thus yearns for the water laden dark clouds, just as the chakravaaka
pakshi that attains inexplicable aanandha at the arrival of the sun in the
morning remains in unbearable dhukkam all night craving for the  sunrise and
just as the sakOra pakshi whose food is the ray of the moon and thirsts for
the moon to come out - my heart hankers for your paadhaabjam that gives
mOkshasukham.  Hey! PasupathE!  How can I describe the mahima of your lotus
feet?  As the sruthi says:

Ethasyaivaanandhasya anyaani bhoothaani maathraa mupajeevanthi |

your paadhaabhjam gives mOkshasukham that is superior to all other
aanandha.  Those paadhaabhjam can be found only on the peaks of the vedas
called upanishads. Not by any other way.  Hey! GowripathE! My mind is
fervently seeking all the time your two paadhaabjam that can be searched
only in the upanishads because they give mOksha saamraajya sukham. Hey!
ParamEswara!  I have already told you of my state of mind by many examples.
By your superior kindness please do the aruL of giving me the limitless
aanandha.  Hey! ParamporuLE!  Hey! Sarvavyaapi!  Is there any kaaryam that
you cannot do?  All abilities reside only in you.  The swabhaavam to protect
the dheena janas and saadhu janas reside only in you.  Are you not the
phaladhaathaa of all my karmas?  Does not the Brahmasoothra "phalamatha:
upapatthE:" point to only you as the karma phala dhaatha?  Because you are
karma phala dhaatha you are called pasu paasa vimOchakan.  Therefore Hey!
PasupathE! Hey! VibhO! You have to protect me with your enormous

In this sloka, BhagavathpaadhaaL underlines the forbidance of separating
Siva and Shakthi by his exclamation 'Gowrinaatha!'.

Gowrinaathaa namO namO!

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