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Varadaraja Sharma

Radhe Krishna

We belong to Dakshinamnaya Sharada peetham. That of my wife's family belong
to kanchi.  our entire family regularly visits Sringeri to get darshan of
Acharyal.  We regularly recite Bhagavatham.  Currently I am working in
Kishtwar at Jammu & Kashmir. I read the postings on advaita from the
archives.  I wish to learn from the contributions of learned scholars.

Radhe Krishna


I am close follower of Paramananda Bharathi

P. Dhruv

I have recently come across the teachings of Vedant, through the writings of 
Adi Shankaracharyaji's writings (Tattva Bodhah and Vivekchoodamani) and 
Vidyaranyaji's Panchadasi.

I know this is my calling and am very interested in learning and applying 
these teachings to day to day life.

In terms of the worldly identification, I am an engineer by profession, 
located in USA. I am a seeker of the "Real Knowledge".

Sathyanarayan Pavamana

I am follower of shri  shankaracharya

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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