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Sivaanandalahari - 52कारुण्यामृत-वर्षिणं घनविपद्-ग्रीष्मच्छिदा-कर्मठं
विध्यासस्य-फलोदयाय सुमन-स्संसेव्य-मिच्छाकृतिम् ।
नृतयद्भक्त-मयूर-मद्रिनिलयं चंचज्जटा-मण्डलं
शंभो वांछति नीलकन्धर सदा त्वां मे मनश्‍चातक: ॥ ५२ ॥

kAruNyAmRuta-varShiNaM ghanavipad-grIShmachChidA-karmaThaM
vidhyAsasya-phalodayAya sumana-ssaMsevya-michChAkRutim |
nRutayadbhakta-mayUra-madrinilayaM chaMchajjaTA-maNDalaM
SaMbho vAMChati nIlakandhara sadA tvAM me manaS^chAtaka: || 52 ||

This verse has two meanings, one pertaining to the cloud and the other to
Lord Shiva.

Oh Dark cloud, which showers out of mercy, the nectar like rain, which is
engaged in reducing the troubles of severe summer, which is prayed for by
good minded farmers, which takes any form it likes, which rains to augment
the crop in the field, which has dancing peacock of (farmers) devotees,
which is stopped in the mountains, has clusters of lightening and is the
personification of good, the chataka bird of my mind is eagerly awaiting

Oh Shambu with the blue neck, who showers the nectar of mercy, who is
focussed in removing the excruciating pain like that of severe summer, of
the desires of mind, who yields best results of the plant of knowledge, who
is worshipped by good minded people, who takes any desired form , who has
the peacocks of dancing joyous devotees, resident of the mountain, who has
waving matted hair, who is the personification of good, the chataka bird of
my mind is eagerly awaiting you.


**he sambhO *= Hey! SambhO who gives mangalam;
*neelakandhara* = who has a blue neck; (also neela = blue, ka = water, dhara
= holder; the blue clouds that hold water);
*mE* = my;
*manschaathaka* = the chaathaka pakshi which is the mind;
*kaarunyaamrithavarshaNam* = who showers amrutham by His kaaruNyam (by its
kindness showering the water);
*ghanavipadhgreeshmacchadhaakar**matam* = one who is an expert in removing
big troubles;
*vidhyaasasyaphalOdhayaaya* = to raise the vegetation called Vidhya;
*sumana: samsEvyam* = worshipped by the dEvas and saadhu janas (praised by
the peasants);
*icchaakrithim* = who takes any form at will;
*nruthyadhbhakthamayooram* = one who is in the company of the dancing
devotees (that which has the dancing peacocks);
*adhrinilayam* = One who is living in the mountain;
*sanjanjadaamandalam* = who is having the moving jadaa (or that which is
having the moving cluster of lightning);
*thwaam* = (to) you;
*sadhaa* = always;
*vaanchathi* = desires.

Hey! ParamEswara! In order for the vegetation to grow and yield and be
praised by the saadhu janas and the peasants, that which takes different
forms as it desires, that which has the dancing peacocks, that which lives
in the mountains, that which removes droughts, that which showers the rain
due to its kindness, that cloud is sought for a long time by the saadhaka
pakshi.  In the same way hey! Sambho! the saadhaka pakshi that is my mind is
desiring you.  Because, O! ParamEswara! you do dhwamsam of the
thaapathrayaas called  aadhyaathmikam, aadhibowthikam and aadhidaiwikam and
do save the praaNis.

In accordance with the sruthi 'easaana: sarvavidhyaanaam'  you are the lord
of all the vidhyaas.  You are being worshipped by all the devas and saadhu
janas who are desirous of getting those vidhyas.  You are delighting the
minds of the bhakthas by taking the forms that they are pleased with.  So
they are dancing in your presence in their ecstacy.  The sruthis say that
the vedas remain in parvatha roopam.  You live there with Uma.  You are
jadaa makuta dhaariNi.  You remain in such sarvOthkrushta vaibhavam.  The
saadhaka pakshi of my mind seeks you!

The swaarasyam of describing the mind as saadhaka pakshi is as follows:

The saadhaka pakshi is believed to have its mouth on its head!  Therefore
this bird cannot eat food of its own effort.  And its food is only the rain
drops.  So there is no way its hunger can be satisfied without the rain.
Because of this for over four or five months in a year this bird would have
no food and being famished it would remain in one place longing for the
rain.  It keeps praying for the rain.  Hey! ParamEswara! I am telling you of
my mental status. It is like the saadhaka pakshi longing for you.  The
hunger and thirst of it can be quenched only by your karunaamrutha

Aren't you KaruNaamoorthy?  Therefore Hey! Neelakantaa!  You saved the
worlds from destruction by drinking the poison of halahala.  In the same way
you should save this saadhaka pakshi of my mind by glancing with your

So begs our AachaaryaaL.

Aum Namasivaaya.

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