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Sivaanandalahari - 44
करलग्नमृग: करीन्द्र-भंगो
घनशार्दूल-विखण्डनोऽस्त-जन्तु: ।
गिरिशो विशादाकृतिश्‍च चेत: कुहरे
पंचमुखोस्ति मे कुतो भी: ॥ ४४ ॥

karalagnamRuga: karIndra-BaMgo
ghanaSArdUla-vikhaNDano&sta-jantu: |
giriSo viSAdAkRutiS^cha cheta: kuhare
paMchamuKosti me kuto BI: || 44 ||

This Verse has two meanings with one of them relating to a Lion and the
other relating Lord Shiva. The two are as under:
Lion: In the den of my mind is a Lion, which holds a deer in the hand, wins
over the king of elephants, kills the ferocious tiger, annihilates other
animals, which also resides in hills and has a white body. Ho will fear come
to me ?
Shiva: In the den of my mind is Lord Parameswara, with five faces, white
body, who resides in the Mountains, who is in all beings, who has killed
cruel Vyagrasura, and Gajasura and holds the deer in his hand. How will bear
come to me ?


*karalagramruga: = the one who is holding the deer in his hands;
kareendrabhanga: = one who has gajaasura (as his garment);
ghanasaardhoolavikandana: one who has destoyed or destroys the wicked tiger
called vyaagraasura;
asthajanthu: = one who has those beasts that were destroyed or one who
destroys the beasts;
girisa: one who is in the mountain or that which is in the mountain;
visadhaakruthischa = one who has the white body or that which is white;
panchamukha: = ParamEswara who has five faces or indicating the lion;
mE = my;
chetha: kuharE = in the cave of my mind;
asthi: = He resides or it stays;
atha: therefore;
bhee: the fear;
kutha: where is it? (meaning it does not exist).

AachaaryaaL continues to employ slEdai (double meaning) in his poetry.


Saakshaath ParamEswaran remains nibidaanandaswaroopi holding the four Vedas
that are the rig, yajus, saama and atharvaNa.  At the same time he destroys
the mahaa asuras such as gajaasura and vyagraasura and brings maNgalam to
the fourteen lOkas.  Also during praLayam he destroys the amoeba to
Hiranyagabha and remain Eki (One) nibidaanandaswaroopi.  The saasthra says:

"Siva: sarvaaNi bhoothaani sivadhanyath na kinchana"

Siva remains the root cause and support of the entire universe by being
'sarvavyaapi'.  To speak the truth there is no dwaitha prapancham apart from
the Paramasiva who is Satchitaananda.    From this we do realize that
everying has come out of Paramasiva, everything is protected by Paramasiva
and everying ultimately finds its layam in Paramasiva and therefore clearly
only Paramasiva is the sathya vasthu.

Hey! Girisa of this remarkable mahima! Living with Ambika in mahaakailash,
and adorned with the purest viboothi you teach the entire world that it is
being burnt down in gnaanaagni into ashes.  When this glorious ParamEswara
lives in the cave of my mind as His simhaasanam where will be any fear for
me?  In what way can the most terrible samsaara saagaram threaten me.  Or
even the frightful yama who takes away people's lives for that matter.

As long as my mind remains the cave, that is, it remains antharmukham, so
long will ParamEswara live in there.  Again knowing that the mind that is
bent on running after the vishayas must be deflected to remain inwards to
form into a cave fit for the lion of ParamEswara to reside and this effort
is known as Raja Yoga.

ஆராலும் என்னை அமட்ட வொண்ணாதினிச்
சீரார் பிரான் வந்தென் சிந்தை புகுந்தனன்
சீராடி யங்கே திரிவதல்லால் இனி
யார்பாடுஞ் சாரா அறிவறிந்தேனே.

“பால்நினைந் தூட்டுந் தாயினுஞ் சாலப் பரிந்துநீ பாவியே னுடைய
ஊனினை உருக்கி உள்ளொளி பெருக்கி உலப்பிலா ஆனந்த மாய
தேனினைச் சொரிந்து புறம்புறந் திரிந்த செல்வமே சிவபெரு மானே
யானுனைத் தொடர்ந்து சிக்கெனப் பிடித்தேன் எங்கெழுந் தருளுவ தினியே.”(from
Pidiththa Paththu)

Aum Namasivaya

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