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Sivaanandalahari - 43मा गच्छ त्व-मितस्ततो गिरिश भि मय्येव वासं कुरु
स्वामिन्‍नादिकिरात मामकमन: कान्तार- सीमन्तरे ।
वर्तन्ते बहुशो मृगा मदजुषो मात्सर्य-मोहादय-
स्तान् हत्वा मृगया-विनोद-रुचितालाभं च संप्राप्यसि ॥ ४२ ॥

mA gachCha tva-mitastato giriSa Bi mayyeva vAsaM kuru
svAmin^nAdikirAta mAmakamana: kAntAra- sImantare |
vartante bahuSo mRugA madajuSho mAtsarya-mohAdaya-
stAn hatvA mRugayA-vinoda-ruchitAlABaM cha saMprApsyasi || 43 ||

Oh Girisa ( who resides in the mountain ) don’t go here and there. Oh God
stay in me. Oh Primeval hunter, enjoy the game of hunting by killing the
animals like Jealousy, delusion etc which live in the forest of my mind.


*hE swaamin = Hey! SarvEswara!;
he aadhikiraatha = Hey! original hunter!;
he girisa = one who lives in mahaa kailaasa parvatham;
thvam = you;
ithasthatha; = here and there;
maa gaccha = do not have to go (hunting);
bhO! = Hey! ParamEswara!;
mayyEva vaasam kuru = you can live with me alone;
mamakamana: kaanthaaraseemaantharE = in the midst of the dense forest of my
mind that is impenetrable by others;
madhajusha: = having termerity;
maathsaryamOhaadhaya: = having jealousy, mOham etc.;
mrugaa: = animals;
bahusa: = many kinds;
varthanthE = roams around;
thaan = those;
hathwaa = kill;
murgayaavinOdharuchithaalaabha = have the benefit of the sport of hunting;
sampraapsyasi = (you) attain.


Namasthe asthu dhanvanE |
vanaanaam pathayE nama:
Mrugayubya: swanibhyas cha vO namO nama:
Nama: kaatyaaya cha ||
(Sri Rudhram)

Hey! Parameswara! You are roaming the forests to hunt but in vain because
the animals are sensing your arrival and are hiding from you! O!
KailaasapathE! Without knowing this secret you are getting tired of chasing
these elusive animals. I know of a forest where you will never fail to find
an animal. Hey! SarvEswara! You don't have to wonder where is such a forest.
That forest is none other than my mind which is impregnable because it is
dense with sankalpas. And no ordinary hunter can live in this forest of mine
because the animals there are so cruel that it is not easy to hunt and kill
them. These animals are kaamam, krOdham, lObham, mOham, madham and
maathsaryam and they are no ordinary animals. These animals have the
fiendish character of greed, anger etc. I have never been able to destroy
them. It is impossible for me to live with these animals. You alone are
capable of killing these wretched beings becuase you are Aadhikiraadhan!

This body is made up of five elements and therefore is anaathma. However,
knowing this anaathma as Aathma is called avidya. Because of avidya one gets
attached. MOksham is nothing but avidyaa-naasam. Only Kailaasavaasi
Parameswara is capable of destroying this avidya. Parameswara who destroys
this beginningless avidya is called Aadhikiraatha. Sri Rudhram in its third
anuvaaka describes this Aadhikiraatha as the dhyaanamurthy.

In this slOka also vidhwaans say manOnigraham is the message. So long as the
mind remains a cave then alone paramEswara as simham will live there.  The
mind that has the tendency to wander in vishayaadhis have to be kept in the
position of the guhai and know this to be raaja yoga!

Whoever says this slOka and do namaskaram to Paramasiva will never be
afflicted with bhayam.  This is certain.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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