[Advaita-l] Aham Brahmasmi

sriram srirudra at vsnl.com
Wed Dec 9 03:23:27 CST 2009

Dear Sri Shakthi Prashanth
The sruthi vakyam you have presented simply says you are the one without a second.That is every conceivable thing by your Indhriyas and Intellect is Brahman and Brahman alone.It is our ignorance that we see differently by giving names,figures and places.First of all we have doubt whether there is a one called Brahman.The sruthi is the pramana like a mother telling the child this is your father.Sruthi says athatha Brahma Jingyasah.That is let us contemplate on Brahman.One will contemplate on something that should be there.Sruthi says It is there and let us analyse /find out.I am unable to give the correct import of Jingyasam.So after logical reasoning and supported by the sruthi vakyas one is led to the conclusion that this Jagath is just mithya and Brahman alone is sathyam and Brahman is adhvidiyam.That is it  is the only Truth and all other things we experince are asath.To understand this profound Truth is not that easy.By just saying that I am King I cannot be a King.You will now know what is it that goes with a King.So also the sruthi asserts that All are Brahman only and you and i included.But the qualities of Brahman are also given in the sruthi.In essence Brahman is not an object of perception yet could be known.By sincerity and shraddha and by sruthi`s guidance you can yourself understand what is meant by Aham Brahmasmi.This is not a simple sentence to interpret it by tracing it etymologically.It is to be contemplated again and again till one is satified that it is only so.Some subjective experiences can not be verbally described.When one says I am happy and another also says I am happy there can be no comparison of these two happinesses.R.Krishnamoorthy

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