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Sorry Bhaskar, I am not convinced with your answer.

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Hare Krishna

If I am saying that I am brahman, you also say the same. 

>  Let us say we are brahman, what exactly is the problem here when we are 
saying we are THAT same brahman :-))

But how many will say like this?

>  The question of 'many' does not arise once you realize you are one & 
WHOLE :-))

And more over does this universe contains only Brahmans? 

>  No plural here please :-)  brahman is ONE without second :-))

Is Brahman a living entity or non-living?

>  shruti says brahman is sat chit & Ananda & this svarUpa of brahman is 
NOT restricted to ONLY living entities:-)) Hence shruti says : sarvaM 
khalvidam brahma, brahmAdi sthamba paryantaM etc.  have you not read in 
nArAyaNa sUkta : vishvaM nArAyaNam devam aksharaM paramaM padaM etc. 

If it is living entity, then he/she/it may realize at some point of time 
what is the truth?

>  brahman is the truth, it does not have to realize what is truth, it is 
truth itself :-))

But according to ur statement, there is no world apart from you.

>  Not according to me, it is according to shruti / sacred scriptures. He 
is sarvavyApi. 

So how those non-living entities  realise the truth, as they are also 

>  For the time being, let us keep aside the fate of non-living beings, 
let us first get rid of our own problem/ignorance..is it not??

>  Sorry for my blunt replies...you can wait for more meaningful & 
authentic answers from other prabhuji-s of this list.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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