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Some people find 'etymology' illuminates; others, that it gets in their
way.. but for what it's worth, and though some pundits may disagree,
commentators particularly on the Chandogya Upanishad say that 'Brahman',
(which expands and fills that which may be filled), is slow to emerge as a
concept in the Veda, but is seen as under the power of Agni : that the fire
in the heart of the devotee, the fire in the ritual, the fire in the
sacrifice, the fire in the speech, the fire in the priests of the agnihotra,
all join to expand that Brahman to become understood as what it already is,
aham brahmasmi..   That may help you, or not !


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Here's my question.

What is the Etymological meaning of Aham Brahmasmi? I know that it pretends
to say that I am God. But I want to know its etymological interpretation.


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