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Sivaanandalahari -39धर्मो मे चतुरंघ्रिक-स्सुचरित: पापं विनाशं गतं
काम-क्रोध-मदादयो विगलिता: काला: सुखाविष्कृता:।
ज्ञानानन्द-महौषधि: सुफलिता कैवल्यनाथे सदा
मान्ये मानसपुण्डरीक-नगरे राजावतंसे स्थिते ॥ ३९ ॥

dharmo me chaturaMghrika-ssucharita: pApaM vinASaM gataM
kAma-krodha-madAdayo vigalitA: kAlA: sukhAviShkRutA:|
j~jAnAnanda-mahauShadhi: suphalitA kaivalyanAthe sadA
mAnye mAnasapuNDarIka-nagare rAjAvataMse sthite || 39 ||

Since Lord Paramashiva who is worshipped by all, who is best among the
kings, and the only king of kings was seated in the lotus like city of mind,
the four legged Dharma is well observed. Sins have been destroyed; Desire,
anger and ego have fled. All seasons exhibit happiness; The plant of
knowledge gives very good yield.

*maanyE = worshipful;
raajavathamsE = Parameswaran who is Chandrasekhara (superior king);
sadhaa = always;
mE = my;
maanasapundareekanagarE = in the city of my hrudhayakamalam;
kaivalyanaathE = as the giver of mOkshaanandha (the only lord);
sthithE = staying there;
chathurangrika = having four feet;
dharma: = dharma;
sucharitha: = has been done with sukham;
paapam = the sin;
vinaasam = destruction;
gatha; = attained;
kaamakrOdhamadhaadhaya: = kaamam krOdham and madham;
vigalithaa: = left me;
kaalaa: = the times;
sukhaavishkruthaa: = manifesting sukham;
gnaanaanandamahoushadhi: = the herbs such as gnaanam, sukham;
supalitha = nicely maturing.

வேயுறு தோளி பங்கன் விடமுண்டகண்டன் மிக நல்ல வீணை தடவி
மாசறு திங்கள் கங்கை முடிமேல் உளமேபுகுந்த அதனால்
ஞாயிறு திங்கள் செவ்வாய் புதன் வியாழன் வெள்ளி சனி பாம்பிரண்டு முடனே
ஆசறு நல்லநல்ல அவை நல்லநல்ல அடியார் அவர்க்கு மிகவே.
(சம்பந்தர் தேவாரம்)

AachaaryaaL compares Hridayakamalam to a city and Parameswara to a king and
taking into account the saying “yathaa raajaa thathaa prajaa:” (as is the
ruler, so is the subject), suggests that all praaNis should follow

Let us interject Raama Raajyam in this explanation. When pujyasri Raama as
the personification of dharma was doing his raajya paripaalanam, people
enjoyed the sukham of his dhaarmic rule. Paapas were uprooted and destroyed.
So were the kaamakrodha maathsaryaadhis. Rain poured down on earth at
regular intervals. The gnaanakalai was blossoming. All prajaas observed
their swadharmas and never transgressed into others’ dharma. They thus
enjoyed superior sreyas. Therefore, O! Parameswara! in the same way a prajaa
enjoys the immense sukham under a dharmic rule, I am enjoying the
MOkshabhaagyam of your Grace when you rule my hridayakamalam. Let me

As the saasthra says, “thapa: sowcham dhayaa sathyamithi paadhaa:
prakeerthithaa:” thapas, aachaaram, dhayai and sathyam are the four feet of
dharma and dharma is standing on its feet. All kinds of papas and bad
thoughts that caused them have been destroyed root and stem. The six inner
enemies that are kaamam, krOdham, lObham, mOham, madham and maathsaryam
being the worst raakshasaas, have all run away without a trace. Even the
seasons such as Vasantham and HEmantham have been giving me sukham. I am
able to inquire into and understand the great text on Jeeva-Brahma Aikya
Saakshaathkaaram. I have become qualified to obtain the great srEyas. Thus,
O! Parameswara! when you are the ruler of the lotus of my heart where is the
complaint from me of any deficiency? I am enjoying immense aanandha in my

அடி முடியும் நடுவுமற்ற பரவெளி மேற் கொண்டால்
அத்துவித ஆனந்த சித்தமுண்டாம் நமது
குடி முழுதும் பிழைக்குமொரு குறையுமில்லை யெடுத்த
கோலமெல்லாம் நன்றாகுங் குறைவு னிறை வறவே.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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