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Praveen, namaste.

Thank you for that further enlightenment.

It would seem that the yatidharma for samnyasin had to be modified, first
for relatively stationary forest-dwellers as distinct from 'wandering'
mendicants, and then later for monks; it sounds as if the distinctions
became very codified and precise at some stage ?


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Hari Om, Michaelji,

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> PS Yes, I know that there is a tradition that a Shankaracharya should not
> stay in the same place for more than three days at a time.. that must have
> been a factor in days of slower transport ! These days, it means for some
> acharyas (like Swami Avdeshanand ?), a lot of air travel !

This rule applies to all sannyAsins, not Shankaracharyas alone. To my
understanding, the rule has more to do with avoiding contact with the same
people and surroundings for a longer duration, at a stretch, and thereby the

risk of attachment, meaning a fall in vairAgya.

Also in addition to what Sunilji described, the last rites are the final
of the dead, which the sannyAsin performs in his dIkshA ceremony to indicate

death of his purvAshrama. He is not allowed to do any agni kArya after this
since he will have renounced the nitya and naimittika karma, for the herein
and hereafter worlds!

om tat sat,
--Praveen R. Bhat
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