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Mon Aug 24 07:31:23 CDT 2009

The comfort of a crisis-free identity of the sudra for us? Not yet. Yes, we
can have it, perhaps, if we disown the lineage to
the Rshi and give up the smskaras like Upanayana.
Otherwise, we can only be called bhrashta brahmanas.
The brahman title sticks until then.

It is not easy to shake off the brahman title, whatever the
burden of performance from the world and perhaps from
our own conscience.

sarvE bhavanthu sukhinah
sarvE santhu niraamayaah
sarvE bhadrANi pasyanthu
maa kaschit duhkhabhAg bhavEt.


Dr. D. Bharadwaj
drdbharadwaj at gmail.com
dr.d.bharadwaj at gmail.com

On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 10:07 AM, P.S.Shankar <shankar at tataelxsi.co.in>wrote:

> Dr.Yadu Moharir -  Wrote >>>
> "I know all of us though born in Brahman families and have undergone
> upanayana samskaraara, did sandhyaavadanama,?do?clean toilets in US?need to
> be classified as?"shudra" !!
> Yes, we are and I believe everyone in this era are so. since very few are
> following there respective varna dharma.
> Most of work and get paid for livelihood. and do  get alms for the same.
> Hence I assume we are all shudras.
> Regards,
> Shankar.
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