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Dear Shankar
You are right, but with one correction....  All of us are not shdhrs as they aim is said to be said to be only serving the society without bargaining for anything inreturn, but  all all of us can be branded (including those who are born shudras) as vysyas whoo trade sell some thing inreturn .... ya, we sell ourselves(in the name of services) for negotiated  price (call it cooli / salary/ wage whatever).
In that way if we look in there are no Brakmanas, Kshatriyas or shudras anymore 

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Dr.Yadu Moharir -  Wrote >>>

"I know all of us though born in Brahman families and have undergone
upanayana samskaraara, did sandhyaavadanama,?do?clean toilets in US?need to
be classified as?"shudra" !!

Yes, we are and I believe everyone in this era are so. since very few are
following there respective varna dharma.

Most of work and get paid for livelihood. and do  get alms for the same.
Hence I assume we are all shudras.


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