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Thu Aug 20 00:04:02 CDT 2009

On Mon, 17 Aug 2009, Vishy wrote:

> Dear MR. Suresh   Seeing your mails , I couldnt stop recalling first few 
> lines of " Bhajagovindam"  I would rather suggest you to buy and read 
> either  " Advaitha Bodha Deepika"  or atleast " Power of Now" of Eckhart 
> Tolle.  That would be of grat help to progress in the pursuit of truth 
> rather than spending time learning mantras at this age   Pl excuse me 
> for saying this.....   Vishy  

Why do you assume that he wants to learn the mantras for some material 
purpose?  Narayani (Durga) is not different from Narayana (Govinda) you 


I would echo the advice others have given of finding a vidvan guru to 
learn about this (and your other questions.)  The Durga Saptashati being 
part of the puranas (Markandeya purana) is a "public" work and can be read 
or heard by anyone who is devoted to Mataji but for siddhi whether for 
dharma, artha, kama, or moksha, it requires special training.

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