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Dear friends,
I think Lord krishna's descendents are the Jadejas and not the Yadavs. Quite sometime back the Bhuvaneshwari Pith in Gondal published the lineage of the Jadejas right from Lord Krishna.
As regards Vedavyasa, yes, his mother was from the fisherman's community and his mother was rowing boat as that profession also belonged to the fisherman in those days. Vedavyasa remained with mother upto the age of seven years and then he was taken away by his brahman father for education. Vedavyasa told his mother that he would come to her whenever she wanted. 
Yes you are right . In this day and age  it appears amusing to talk about the exclusive food habits thesedays as generally everybody eats everything, barring some exceptions. But in the olden days it was not so. The Kshatriyas did hunt and eat meat.The brahmins did not eat meat unless medically advised. So, for example, it would not have been easy for a kshatriya boy to adjust to the brahmin's way of life even if that would have been allowed. Inspite of that  Kshtriya like Vishwamitra took to the ways of brahmin shunning his royal palace in favour of a hermitage and adopting brahmin's way of life.
Your quote <<I think Varna and  Advaita is an oximoron.>> appears to have been made due to thinking  of the ancient days in terms of today's standards. Further I do not see any incongruity if one considers that the Advaita accepts the Vyavaharic satya.

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Thanks Michael for your enlightened discussion of this uncomfortable
I agree with your line of thought. Lord Krishna is a Yadav. even though
people will say
otherwise just to give credence to their age old biases and Veda Vyasa was a
fisherman by birth.
I find the following statement very amusing in this day and age where food
work habits worldwide have eveolved proving karma has nothing to do with
where and to whom you are born. I think Varna and  Advaita is an oximoron.

" However the food
habits (or rather the food requirements for) people of different professions
were different. The brahmins had austere food-habits and austere life-style
and thus the profession-wise distances grew up in the course of time."

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