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In the quoted verse, 'asti' is the adhyaahrita (implied) verb. It is actually considered immature to supply verbs like asmi, asti or santi and hence they are implicit in most cases. 

As against asti there are other verbs like astu, santu, bhavet or bhaveyuh which would indicate desirability or injunction (vidhi). These are normally not implicit. 

Thus the quoted text is only a statement of fact, not an indication of desirability. Sanskrit is often praised as enabling precision in expression. This is an example. Newton offered a simar reason for writing the Principia Mathematica in Latin and not English. Then, in 1943 I think, Goerge Orwell wrote an essay stating that old English was precise whereas the then political situation and laziness of the public led to voluminous verbiage! To think what he would have made of today's spin, ah! 

The idea is language ought to be used to express ideas precisely and the reader ought to exert equal care in limiting the spread (vyaapti) of the intended meaning. 
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kAmAturANAM na bhayaM na lajjA
vidyAturANAM na sukhaM na nidrA
kshudAturANAM na rucir na pakvaM ...

Hare Krishna

Would someone please clarify whether the above is qualities of kAmAtura, 
vidyAtura, kshudAtura?? Does the above mean a kAmAtura should not 
entertain feelings like bhaya & lajja while satisfying his 'Atura'  or is 
it just showing the 'status' of a kAmAtura in a disparaging manner ?? 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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