[Advaita-l] Importance of Sampradaya

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The way that Shantananda answered this was that truth belongs to all, and
that Veda, as truth, are to be found in every religion; but not so easily
re-discovered in some religions. Yet some individuals find their way (e.g.
the mystics, who seem to find universality in any religion).

His implication was that language can be a factor in obscuring truth; he
recommended Sanskrit to non-Hindus for this reason, as an aid.

He said there were quick ways to liberation, and slow ways, and hard ways
and easy ways...but seemed to imply that it wasn't a major issue; primarily
individual karma !


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Dear all,

My Vedanta teacher often reiterates the importance of traditional Sampradaya
teaching methods as the ONLY way to self-knowledge....

A few doubts arise in my mind regarding this although Sampradaya asks that
we do not question the teacher!  what about all those masters who achieved
moksha through following the non-hindu religions?  what about the concept of
constant Namasmarana being the easiest way to achieve liberation in the Kali

i would appreciate your views on this..anjana

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