[Advaita-l] praNava

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 10 11:55:23 CDT 2009


The quotation "pravaNayati iti praNava:" may be authentic than "praNAmayati iti praNava:". 


Here is a reference from vaikhasana agama, but I have seen this elsewhere in a brahmana also:




Tai Pr. xviii says one of the forms of praNava can also be a circumflex which is anyway a pravaNa (slide).


The extrapolation to bowing andbent knees is a needless (Abrahamic?) extrapolation. praNava is 

surely a symbol of offering, but at the time of offer the offerer merges into the offered deity through 

bhakti and achieves oneness with the deity; only then the offering is complete. I do admit a number of 

bhaktas on this and other boards talk about "surrendering" to Lord but this is clearly a dvaita word, 

if not Abrahamic. There is no bowing or surrendering in advaita. I would rather be a surEnder (indra) 

than surrender :-) 







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