[Advaita-l] praNava

Naresh Cuntoor nareshpc at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 08:14:31 CDT 2009

> The common derivation for pranava as synonymous (more or less...) for
> omkara
> or udgitha is from the dhatu nu, to praise.

That's correct. pra + nu + suffix "ap" (The suffix needs double-checking).
prakarSheNa nUyate iti praNavaH.
I also remember seeing alternate derivations: praNaamayati iti praNavaH.
Apparently "Om" makes people offer their praNAms.

To geek out further, nu takes the form nauti, like stauti and has the same
meaning. To praise, worship.
The dhAtu nu is familiar to listeners of Karnatik music. One hears words
like "sannuta", "nuta" in many songs (one who is praised/worshipped).


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