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Dear Michael:
To understand this term further one needs to did a litter deeper.
by trying to understand the meaning of upasarga "pra" or sound "pra".
To me the sound "pra" suggests the meaning as - "The leading edge of beginning" 
If we take the above meaning and then try to analyze the suggested meaning of various words our doubts get clarified.
To express a big project Sanskrit uses a term - "prakalpa" that defines the scope of the project.
Take some more examples of uopasarga "pra":  pra-vaasa, pra-Naya, pra-maaNa, pratyaksha, pra-vachana ......... etc. Another word for OM is praNava. As expressed by our ancestors OM was the beginning of everything including understanding.  "ometi pratipaaddyate etatviyajuH"
Incidental even in English language the sound "pra" seems to convey the same meaning.  Example:  pre-fix, premier, prime-minister, pre-university, preacher, 
The second of the term "pra~nca" you are trying to understand is straightforward, which suggests the five essential elements (tattva) for any manifestation.
Hope this helps.
Kind Regards,
Dr. Yadu

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'Pra-panca' is normally equated with the 'phenomenal appearance' of the
world. None of my immediate reference books give consideration to the
possibility that it implies it as being the appearance via the five

Can anyone offer further references ?


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