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On Wed, 5 Aug 2009, Anjana Nagraj wrote:
> I am currently researching Hindu texts addressing the theme of 
> 'leadership' , the most obvious one being the Mahabharatha.? This is for 
> an MBA dissertation and the theme is a comparison of leadership styles 
> in Hindu texts with modern 'western' concepts.
> I was hoping that someone could suggest some useful texts handling this 
> topic or provide some ideas as to how to approach the subject matter.

Adding to Jaldhar's post...

1. The Kamandakyanitisara elaborates issues of foreign policy and mutual relation of rulers and interests, forming of rAja-mandalAs (groups) etc. Rangaswami Aiyangar believes that the author's treatment demonstrates unfamiliarity with actual functioning of governance and policy. BTW, Rangaswami Aiyangar's book (Rajadharma), based on a series of lectures he gave, has many useful pointers to the 'hot topics' of the day and how they weighed in on a king's considerations.

2. Later works of Somadeva-suri (c AD 950) (Nitivakyamrta) and Hemachandra(c1140) (laghu-arhan-niti)also have relevance along these lines. Somadeva and Hemachandra were Jain writers, and one Chalukyan Jain ruler, Kumarapala Chalukya,  was said to have implemented these tennets. 

3. Another work that has specifically treated the role of the king in his special duties springing from the leadership of society is the Rajadharmakanda in Krtyakalpataru (Rajadharmakalpataru), written by Bhatta Lakshmidhara. (AD 1110)

Additional works dealing with aspects of a kings as a head of state are:

4. Candeshvara's Rajaniti-ratnakara (AD 1370)
5. Mitramisra's Rajanitiprakasha (c 1620)
6. Bhatta Nilakantha's Niti-mayukha (c1635)
7. Anantadeva's Rajadharma Kaustubha (c1675)

In addition, if you are in the mood to read some drama, mudra-rakshasa has some useful material as well.

Hope this helps.

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