[Advaita-l] Aryan Invasion - Vedic Culture

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 5 01:46:24 CDT 2009

Although this topic is beyond the scope of this list, some discussions on this
theme may possibly help us get a better perspective of the Veda. 
Here are some more thoughts on this topic as I understand it:
1. The current Manvantara started after the great flood in which Vaivashta manu
    with help of a giant fish survived the unceasing rains and storms.
2. This great flood in all probability took place around 10,000 BC - the period
    when the last ice-age ended.
3. Our puranas describe a flourishing Vedic culture long before this event.
4. So where was this pre 10,000 BC vedic culture centered? India, somewhere
    else? OR ... may be it was everywhere. 
I personally feel it was everywhere. Greece remembers a great culture in
Atlantis, in south India, people remember a lost Kumari continent ...
5. In that case, many legends from Puranas and Vedas from previous 
manvantras may or may not be from India.
After the great flood (a global warming phenomenon of an excessive degree), 
remnants of the culture from previous era must have survived at places, in 
addition to the culture that was made to survive by a divine design with 
Vaisvastha manu. 
Very likely Vedic culture in India in the post 10,000 BC era was a direct 
gift from Vaivastha Manu. 
It is also possible that fragments of surviving culture in other parts of the
world were revived (possibly also by Vaivashta manu) to create the 
civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, South America, China ...
It is very likely that Vedic culture is much more than just a culture born
in India, though India has a contributed to it more than any other region.


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