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Dear Dr. Yadu, 


>In conclusion, playing the blame game is going to serve us


I hope you meant not going to serve us. Yes indeed, wholesale blaming of someone 

like a Whitney is like shooting ourselves in the foot because a lot of inputs from traditional 

scholars contributed to his work, though Whitney maintained his "final decision" on all topics. 

You have to look at the entire chain of ideas and reject individual parts of the arguments 

that have been planted.


Informing the ICS officers about Rgveda (that it was originally European heritage, later 

corrupted by Indians) is NOT the same as spreading the word about Rgveda or its phonetic 

alphabet or its connection to ancient pre-Abrahamic cultures among general population in 

the west and asking people to judge for themselves what it is worth. Again, any awakening 

of past glory of Europe must necessariy be shunned and branded as nazism, otherwise it 

would threaten the Abrahamic culture. Such a calculated and calibrated handling of 

Hindu texts kept yoga from west for almost 200 years, and efforts are going on even 

today to block the Sun with bare hands.


Our own Abrahamic-trained intelligencia contributed no less to this confusion. JK's 

dualism on love vs reason is an example. JK says:




Reason can make one behave in this manner or in that, but what reason can do, reason 

can undo. If reason is the criterion of action, then mind can never be free to act. Reason 

however subtle and logical, is a process of thinking, and thinking is ever influenced, 

conditined by personal fancy, by desire or an idea, a conclusion, whether imposed or self-induced. 




I appreciate the spirit of JK at the highest level when he says total freedom involves 

absence of logic, which is clearly an advaitic ideal but JK makes two underlying assumptions: 

1. manas is the only organ that can influence thoughts and 2. that manas operates in 

a linear fashion. We can't blame JK for missing out two other organs: vac (speech) 

known only to vedics, and prana  - again known only to vedics. Minus these two JK 

was right; include them he was wrong. 


Leave alone the intricate vedic analysis. Plain old Hinduism tells us that love is an 

emotion (rajas) which is lower whereas reason which is satva which is higher than rajas. 

A karma yogi who knows the meaning of akarma can very well act with reason but we 

know he knows the fourth state that is higher than even satva. 


All this out-of-context insertion of love into advaita paves the way for Abrahamics to 

claim their religion also promotes love, so does advaita; hence all religions are same. 

The reality is that love has nothing to do with advaita or Hinduism, not that Hindus don't have love. 


Again, I am not rejecting JK's experiences. He was a keen analyst and a great thinker. 

I am just rejecting his incorrect use of words & arguments to represent what he actually 

observed and experienced. 


JK further says: "Love is dying every day". This is clearly an allusion to prana, the unknown, 

and also to the nidhana stage of sama cycle. But the word 'love' is a misnomer here. 

It is true that there is nothing else to love other than oneself, because prana is the 

first thing that springs from self, and it is self alone that one loves if any. Oh by the way 

it can also be argued that people also "hate" the self because they are afraid of that

state wherein there is nothing other than oneself and all other objects dear to oneself 

would be taken away. (Shruti: He (the creator) was afraid to be alone.)


Offbeat, the word 'dying' can also be interpreted as crucifixion, by a great personality, 

out of love for mortal creatures like us, which is a totally different belief system. 


The supposedly lowest of the thinking organs - the speech/vak, as Gayatri, has its own beauty 

which is simply beyond the comprehension of most philosophers. 


I hope that explains the framework, complexity, subconscious influences and level of 

manipulation possible. Whitney and JK are no more, but their followers are welcome to 

followup with me on a different forum. 




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