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Dear Yogesh,

I think that the list of references alone, shows this to be a well-reasoned

Myself, I like to leave such questions open : by considering, say, two
first-year biology students dissecting the standard frog pinned there on
their boards...

One focusses all his attention on learning from the dissection. The other
also; but he is suffused with wonder at the miracles of Creation revealed in
every detail of that frog's anatomy -- even inert in death..

Both later pass their degree with flying colours. Which student would you
prefer to be ?

Best wishes,

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Dear All,

I am a beginner in the field of seeking The knowledge ..
I came across this following article and would like to know your
opinions on this topic/article and references :-
Please pardon me if it's out of the scope for this list :-)

Thanks for your time !


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