[Advaita-l] Patanjali Yoga Sutra. I.3

Dr. Yadu Moharir ymoharir at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 21 13:35:20 CDT 2009

Namaste Sri Sundaresan-Ji & Sri Bhadraiah-Ji:
IMO - All traditional pronunciations are important and carry their own significance and they need to be understood from the respective tradition only.  Often with the advent of written script, one is likely to pin (attach) donkey's tail to the horse.  Things can get messy when correct transliteration is not followed.

I am used to Omkarananda's ITRAN 99 scheme and often have to rewrite anything that I come across on the internet.  The suutra mentioned suutra YS 1.3 should be transliterated as -
tadaa draShTuH svaruupe.avasthaanam || samaadhipaada 1\.3||
I will leave trhe interpretation on the above to the experts.
Finally, one can never forget the significance of grammar when it comes to understanding
anaxara.m hataayuShyaM visvaraM vyaadhipiiDitam |
axataa shastra ruupeNa vajraM patati mastake || 53 ||
Just my 0.02 Cents
Kind Regards,
Dr. Yadu

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>Before leaving I request Shri Vidyasankarji to reconsider
>a svarita in YS.3, an old request rejected earlier.
>YS I.3 is too critical to be mispronounced, and this
>sutra sounds perfect in sutra style with a svarita than
>Texts have tada drashtu svarUpe avasthAnAm
>Requested reading: tada~drashtu svarUpe avasthAnAm
>tada+ adrashtu 

Dear Sri Bhadraiah,

Firstly, how would svarita affect a putative sandhi? Classical
Sanskrit is not too particular about syllable pitches, unlike
Vedic Sanskrit.

Secondly, even if pitch does change things, who am I to
change the traditionally preserved text of the yogasUtra? 

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