[Advaita-l] Pancikarana vs. Trivrtkarana (analysis)

Dr. Yadu Moharir ymoharir at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 15 13:39:23 CDT 2009

Dear Bhadraiah-Ji
The name "romasha" as mentioned is correct.
This suukta is known as "svanaya daanasuti".  R^iShii for this suukta is kaxiivat aushija,  King full name is given as "svanaya bhavayavya" and chhanda for the reference R^ichaa 6 & 7 is anuShTubh.  
Dr. Yadu

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Subject: [Advaita-l] Pancikarana vs. Trivrtkarana (analysis)
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The word romasha is suspect in the first place. 

If something (hair in private parts) can not be explained by Shruti that becomes not_Brahman right? Can such a thing exist?



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