[Advaita-l] Pancikarana vs. Trivrtkarana (analysis)

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I am very much away from my place in India and I do not have the relevant Sankarbhashya with me. May be another member may be able to send you the portions you asked for.
The Matsya purana says about the five essential criteria of the puranas. There is no doubt that the  puranas were written also for the women and the common man who have no Vedic initiation. Vedavyasa makes it very clear in the beginning of the Bhagavata purana, the last of the puranas at the same time the highest of puranas as told by the Padma purana. But the puranas are equally essential for the Vedic scholars. I think we cannot demean them just because they have been made useful to the uninitiated also.
If my memory serves me right it is the Vayu purana, which says that the Vedas and the Puranas were together as one Veda called the Yajurveda before that was divided into the four Vedas and the Puranas.
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praNAms Sri Sunil prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Chandogya upanishad calls them as the fifth veda and not me please.

>  very interesting, pardon me I didnot know that!! could you please
provide me the mUla maNtra (original in Sanskrit) with reference & if
possible shankara bhAshya on it prabhuji..

Mahabharata says that without reading them one should not read the Vedas so
they may not be all that any later composition.

>  However, traditionally we say that ItihAsa & purANa-s should be
subservient to shruti-s (i.e. vedOpanishads)and purANa-s themselves cannot
be a pramANa independently...

As itihasa is one of the five essential criteria for the puranas the
itihasa portion went on getting updated from time to time. So the antiquity
of the puranas is not any lesser than that of the Vedas.

>  I doubt this would be accepted at traditional circle..Though we consider
purANA-s also a valid pramANA (as long as it goes in line with shruti
siddhAnta), we dont treat it on par with shruti-s/veda-s...because of the
simple reason that smruti, itihAsa & purANa-s are time bound paurusheya
texts whereas veda-s are kAlAteeta apaurusheya shAstra grantha-s which are
the very exhalation of paramAtman..

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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