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Michael - PraNAms 

First let me confess that I do not know much in terms of tri-muurtiis and what type of guNas propel their manifestations, nor I have any particular interest in finding out also.

Geeta’s teaching is clear to me.

PrakRiti has three guNas. That is its nature. Purusha is beyond any guNas, since he is sat chit ananda swaruupa, which is infinite and hence nirguNa.

The problem comes when I identify myself with prakRiti and superimpose the qualities of the prakRiti on myself as my guNas. 

Depending on the karma/vaasanaas I take the yoni conducive to exhaust my vaasanaas, which are reflection of the karma, which are again based on the guNas that I had superimposed myself with. 

Micro cosmos  and macro comas are interrelated as I had discussed in the waking-dream states.

My world is dictated by my vaasanaas and your world by your vaasanaas and his world by his - the total world should be dictated by sum total of all the vaasanaas put together. 
Hence if there is a creator, he has to have blue prints for creation and the blue prints are based on the karmas of all jiivas as stated in the 8th Ch. of Gita.

Hence all the lokas - the 14 of them - are created to provide the fields for exhaustion of the vaasanaas of varieties of jiivas. Those whose vaasanaas can be exhausted in the lowest of the lowest will be born there and those who have pure saatvik vaasanaas will be at higher lokas and those who are rajasic are in the world of action - these are discussed in the 14th Chapter.

Iswara who is the creator is sarvajna and he is not bound by any vaasanaas –for us to claim that one is satvik and the other is rajasic and one is tamasic. We are experts even to give vaasanaas to Iswara - He is called maayaavi - the wielder of maaya.

It is the human mind that tries to classify the gods based on the guNa and karma - the same yard stick that we use for ourselves. 

The discussion of GuNas is of interest only - as asked by Arjuna in the 14th - how to go beyond them? The evolution as pointed out is one has to go from tamasic to rajasic to saatvik. And in the 17th Chapter Krishna comes back to guide us how to act, behave and also eat so that we evolve. 

Hence the whole analysis is of importance from the individual evolution. But individual vaasanaas put together form the collective to drive action at global level. Hence micro and macro systems are interconnected. 

That is where my interest stops. 

Hope this helps.

Hari Om!

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May  I try your patience further on this matter of the triguna ? And not
entirely for my own satisfaction..

If indeed there are 'lokika' levels of the triguna, we have two mentioned in
the scriptures : the statement that they are created in prakrti implies
their action at universal level; while the Gita refers to them at the
personal level, Arjuna as a (representative) individual, subject to choice
involving good judgment, passion, or ignorant inertia.

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