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Hari Om Shri Bhadraiahji,  Pranaams!

1. Wherever in veda-uttara-bhAga the creation is mentioned ( aitreya 2.1; 
taittrIya 2.1) or any evaluation is done (Ananda mImAmsA) only human are 
considered.  The reason being pre-eminence in the form of right to karma and 
knowledge leading to liberation.

2. In gIta-shAstra although all creatures of all three worlds are included 
as in the vasha of guna (BG 7.12, 18.40); but transcending of gunAs & 
becoming gunAtIta is confirmed only to human beings and the way is shown by 
explaining the daivI, AsurI and rAkShasI sampads.

3. While the mokSha of other beings be arjuna-tree or gaja-indira, only 
sadma-mukti is described and it does not say that the gajendra, the 
elephant, after obtaining liberation, continued to worship the lord with 
lotus after bath, everyday thereafter.  So jIvanmukti is exclusive privilege 
of humans.

4. Even if there exist an exception somewhere; it prooves the rule not 

5. All these are deliberate adhyAropa and any question regarding supposed 
differences among  beings can be best answered thro eka-jIva-vAda and I 
subscribe to it.

In Shri Guru Smriti,
Br. Pranipata Chaitanya

> Kindly provide a reference to this. Looks like another western religious 
> influence which says only humans have soul.

> If we exclude animals, we would also be going against Ch.U. story of 
> Baka -Dalbhya in which shruti explains a version of uthgItha sung by dogs.
> Best regards
> Bhadraiah

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