[Advaita-l] Sraddha

ML-Tamil murugan2003 at web.de
Mon Apr 6 13:33:16 CDT 2009

With my deep respect!

I follow your discussion to translate the term sraddha in to Enlish with
high interest. I am sure there is no English word, which express the meaning
of sraddha  in a proper way.
grammatically sraddha is an particip perfect passiv. This kind of Sanskrit
word is not possible to translate in to any European language in just one
Sraddha is faith connected by the action to stop any wrongdoing, search for
a guru etc. in a serious way, as I understand sraddha.
If my understanding is correct, then how do you want to express this in a
single English word?
If my understanding is wrong, then what it sraddha?


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