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I don't think one should, these days, give too much credence to English
'definitions'. All English words -- virtues and suchlike qualities in
particular -- have been misused and debased over time, since their powerful
use in the scriptures -- to which all such words should be referred. 'Faith'
in particular has lost its significance as a word for continuing religious
support; 'whole-hearted' is the word that -- although not necessarily as
long-lasting as faith -- would be understood today as the nature of shradda.


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I would like to add here my understanding of what my guru Swami
Paramarthananda says
about Shraddha. Loosely the word 'Shraddha' can be translated as 'Faith' in
English, but
strictly speaking there is no real equivalent. Please note that the Shraddha
that we are
talking about here is what is listed in the four fold qualifications (
Sampatthi) and not the one used in other contexts such as a person doing
some action
with Shraddha etc.

Shraddha is basically accepting Shastra as a PramAna. To quote an example
given by
Swamiji, Eyes are the pramAna for sight, Ears are the pramAna for hearing
and so on.
There is no other means of knowing that knowledge which is conveyed by eyes.
does not say, "I have faith in my eyes"). Eyes are the only means of my
as far as vision is concerned. Similarly ears are the only means of
knowledge as far
as hearing is concerned. In the same way Vedanta Shastra is the only means
far as Atma Vidya is concerned. It is this firm conviction in the Guru and
the Shastra
that is referred to as 'Shraddha'.

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